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Our products taste like real snacks! Don't settle for bad tasting protein snacks anymore, we use real ingredients to ensure your taste buds are not left disappointed.

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We understand, you're tired of breaking the diet and the bank everytime you have a sweet craving, look no further these guilt free snacks are delicious.

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We offer fast delivery in as little as 2-3 business days, but don't worry our products keep fresh for up to 12 months as we produce to the order, no old products here.

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We're so confident in our products and services that we offer 100% satiscation, if you're not happy, reach out to us.
For each calorie purchased, EQ donates that calorie in the form of its own product, purchasing baked goods and partnering with charitable companies such as Food Buffet, Swag Family, CUDL every Sunday at Martin Place, Sydney. We are also currently working on direct distribution straight to families in need. We are not content with simply feeding the hungry; we are committed to empowering individuals and communities to break free from the vicious cycle of hunger.

Crush Cravings, Solve Hunger!

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Our subscription offer is a no lock in subscription that lets you cancel anytime, it is 25% off but that doesn't mean that our snacks are any different! Same quality, better savings!

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The subscription platform is a seamless automation that ensures you always have snacks at your door! It's a repeat order that can be canceled at anytime, no lock ins!

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Pick monthly for a new flavour of cookie and protein bar! We understand how boring eating the same snacks can be so if you select the rotating flavour this will change on the first of every month, ensuring you get something new.

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When you subscribe you get full control within your customer account, just click log in at the top. Cancel, change flavours, change products, or skip shipments. It's that easy, but if you get caught we have online customer service, just message below!

What our customers say

Ajay Sharma

I began my fitness journey close to 7 years ago with a massive weight loss of 66Kg‘s to date. This brought me from 130Kg’s to my lowest weight 64Kg’s in 2023 prior to my third Competitive Bodybuilding season!

Aside from the incredibly strict nature of dieting for competing endeavours, the “Off-season” is a period where us athletes can have flexibility with our diet to indulge a little bit more than usual. Discovering EQfoods and their amazing range of Macro friendly snacks was an absolute game changer for staying on track with my diet! Not only do they range from low to high calorie varieties of their snack range, but they’re also PACKED with protein unlike many other products on the market.

If you’re looking for a range of macro friendly snacks to aid your fitness journey, EQfoods is the brand for you!

Crush Cravings, Solve Hunger!We are changing the world, one calorie at a time.

Crush Cravings, Solve Hunger.

At EQ, we understand the struggle of staying on track with your fitness goals when those irresistible cravings kick in.

We've been there – the disappointment of falling short due to unappetising protein products or bland healthy snacks. That's why we embarked on a mission to change the narrative. 

Say goodbye to bad-textured, dry protein products. Our guilt-free and delicious snack collection is am game-changer; it's so good, you'll forget it's healthy. 

Picture this: a fitter version of yourself is just a few clicks away. Order online, and we'll deliver these tasty treats fresh to your door. 

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