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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is EQ?
EQ was founded in 2022 by Ethan Jackson. Sick of limited, poor tasting protein options, he came to market with a solution that topples them all.
How do our donations work?
We match every calorie you purchase, so every time you purchase from our range of great tasting protein snacks, you are inadvertently feeding someone across Australia. We can't show our appreciation more, so thank you from the EQ team.
What are the different cookies?
Our lean cookies have the least calories at 352, ideal for those watching their intake. Our growth cookies are slightly larger at 540, and then our huge 1000 calorie cookies are for our serious bulkers.
What protein sources do you use?
We use Whey protein concentrate in all our products.
Where can I purchase EQ products?
You can purchase from us straight off our website or via our subscription program to make use of huge savings. We are also in a huge number of gyms and supplement stores across Australia. Ask your local store if they stock EQ!
How long do the cookies last?
Our cookies have a shelf life of 1 year.
What are our operating hours?
We are open from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday with the exception of public holidays.
Are we vegan-friendly?
We are currently in the process of developing vegan-friendly products.
How can I set up a custom subscription bundle?
To set up a custom subscription bundle, you can jump into the single units tab, click on each item, and click on the subscription button below. Do that with all the items you're after, and you'll have your bundle.
Am I locked into a subscription?
No, you can cancel your subscription and rejoin your subscription whenever you like. If you need to cancel, please shoot us an email at orders@eqfood.org.
My Promo discount did not work!
Oh No! Shoot us an email at orders@eqfood.org.
How long does shipping take?
We do our best to get our cookies out ASAP. We do bake them fresh, and usually across Australia, we can have them out within 3 to 5 business days of your order.
Shipping information
We ship all across Australia. Unfortunately, we are yet to ship overseas, but we are looking to get our product out globally as soon as it is viable. Our free shipping is based on weight; if you order over 3.3 kg of items, you qualify. (Hint! Our bundle boxes of 12 cookies are 1.7 kg)
Product Quality!
Was there an issue with your product? We are always keen on getting some feedback, so please send us an image of the issue and a bit of context, and we will be happy to replace the affected items.
How does the food assistance form work?
If you are in Australia and are currently in need of a bit of help, fill out the form and give us as much information about you and your circumstances as possible. We understand it can be difficult to ask for help when you need it, but no one deserves to go to bed hungry; your story stays private and yours, so please reach out. We only want to help.
Can I join EQ and help in donating?
We are absolutely getting more packages and incentives together to further our campaign against hunger and homelessness. Keep up to date with our newsletters as we look to build a community of people to bring donating to the forefront.
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