As a proudly Australian-owned company, we believe that everyone deserves access to nutritious and delicious food. We are more than just a food company; we are a movement driven by a mission bigger than ourselves. Our journey began with a bold vision to create a significant impact on a global scale, and we are unafraid to push boundaries to achieve it.

At EQ Food, we are not only a team. but a community of passionate individuals who have come together with a shared purpose: to represent those who feel ignored and to tackle the pervasive issue of world hunger head-on. 

Our approach is built on innovation, sustainability, and compassion. We strive to go beyond the traditional norms of the food industry by incorporating cutting-edge technologies and ground-breaking products into our operation like our 1000 calorie cookie, protein crackers, juices and much more. Having food scientists build our products ensures that our formulas are made with pure intentions. At EQ we prioritise healthsafety and nutritional value.

For each calorie purchased, EQ donates that calorie in the form of its own product, purchasing baked goods and partnering with charitable companies such as Food Buffet, Swag Family, CUDL every Sunday at Martin Place, Sydney. We are also currently working on direct distribution straight to families in need. We are not content with simply feeding the hungry; we are committed to empowering individuals and communities to break free from the vicious cycle of hunger. 

How does it work?

We are changing the world, one calorie at a time.

We wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the undeniable support and enthusiasm of our community. We work hand in hand with like-minded individuals, partner organisations, and dedicated volunteers who share our passion for change. Together, we forge a path towards a hunger-free future.

Our dedication to transparency and accountability is ingrained in everything we do. From creating the product, all the way to seeing us donate yourselves.

As a community, we invite you to be part of our journey to end world hunger.There are various ways to get involved, whether that be through supporting our initiatives, or simply choosing EQ Food products. No matter what you do or how you help, YOU become a crucial part of our mission.