EQ Mass Gaining Collection

EQ's Mass Gaining Collection

Aug 23, 2023

Gaining quality muscle mass can be a formidable challenge, especially for those grappling with a fast metabolism or time constraints. At EQ, we acknowledge these hurdles and are committed to crafting solutions that transcend individual circumstances. Our products are thoughtfully engineered to accommodate every individual, ensuring a harmonious fit regardless of your dietary preferences or goals.

Whether you're seeking a guilt-free, low-calorie indulgence or a robust, high-calorie blend to fuel your pursuits, our team of dedicated food scientists labors tirelessly. Their goal? To curate products that seamlessly integrate into your lifestyle, each one meticulously designed to address your unique needs.

In this blog, we will be diving into our Mass Gaining Collection including our Growth Cookie, Mass Gainer Juice and our infamous XL Cookie.

EQ Growth Cookie

EQ Growth Cookie

Introducing our Growth Cookie, a scrumptious yet nutritional treat designed to fuel your journey towards substantial gains. Each bite is a strategic blend of purposeful ingredients, carefully curated to assist your quest for muscle mass. Crafted to perfection, the Growth Cookie delivers more than just taste – it's a powerhouse of over 500+ calories and a robust 31 grams of protein in every bite. 

Coming in at 3 tasty flavors including Choc Chunk, White Choc Macadamia and fan favorite Cookies & Cream, you're not just indulging; you're arming yourself with the nutrients necessary to support your fitness ambitions. Whether you're on-the-go, in need of a convenient refuel, or simply seeking an effective means to boost your caloric intake, the Growth Cookie is perfect.

EQ Mass Gainer Juice

EQ Mass Gainer Juice

Our newest addition of our Mass Gaining Collection is our cutting-edge solution that redefines muscle-building with its innovative approach. Crafted from hydrolysed collagen peptides, maltodextrin and essential amino acids, this revolutionary juice offers an abundant formula - perfect for gaining mass.

Unlike traditional mass gainers that often lead to bloating and discomfort, EQ's Protein Mass Gainer Juice provides a refreshing twist. Sip on the goodness of this revitalizing juice, packed with the power of hydrolysed collagen peptides that are quickly absorbed by the body, promoting joint and connective tissue support, digestive health as well as the added maltodextrin for a complete rapid absorbing formula. 

Each serving of this groundbreaking product delivers not only a jam-packed 500 calories and 30 grams of protein but the convenience of on-the-go consumption. 

EQ XL CookieEQ 1000 Calorie XL Cookie

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you could've heard of our XL Cookie! With three staple flavors each bite is a purposeful creation, meticulously crafted to satiate your body's vital requirements while weaving a symphony of flavors and nourishment. With a total calorie content exceeding 1000+ and an infusion of over 50 grams of protein, this is no ordinary confection. There is absolutely no need to buy a low-quality vanilla mass gainer anymore as the XL Cookie shatters the traditional competition. Whether you're in search of a comprehensive meal substitute or an additional boost to effortlessly meet your caloric targets, we've meticulously crafted something with universal benefit in mind.

 You eat, we donate.

You eat, we donate. 

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