Protein Cracker Chips Reformulated

Protein Cracker Chips Reformulated

Oct 05, 2023Charade Nouanrasy

At EQ, our journey in crafting nourishing, high-quality products is a continuous evolution driven by a simple yet powerful philosophy: we never stop seeking perfection. We believe that every bite you take should not only taste exceptional but also provide the utmost in nutritional value. That's why your feedback is not just valued, it's at the very heart of our commitment to excellence.

Our reformulated Protein Cracker Chips is a testament to our commitment to you and our mission. A snack that has undergone a transformation inspired by you, our cherished community. Your insights, preferences, and constructive feedback have fueled our determination to elevate our products to new heights of deliciousness and nutritional benefit.

The Reformulation


We made a firm decision not to take any shortcuts! In the past, we used to apply our seasoning on top of the chips. However, we've taken a more thorough approach by infusing the flavor directly into the chips, guaranteeing that every bite delivers a burst of deliciousness each and every time!

Baking Process

It was evident through customer feedback that it seemed "overcooked" on one side more than the other! Embracing this valuable criticism, we took action and transitioned to a baking process that ensures both sides of the chips are perfectly balanced – resulting in a delightful combination of crunchiness and delicacy for our consumers!

Why we reformulate

Our unceasing dedication to the art of constant reformulation is not born out of mistakes but is a testament of our commitment to producing products that stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of taste, quality, and formulation. At EQ, we take pride in our ability to evolve and adapt, continually striving to set new benchmarks in the industry.

While the average consumer may not notice these subtle changes, we believe that even the smallest improvements contribute to the overall excellence of our products. It's our relentless pursuit of perfection that drives us to revisit our formulations regularly, seeking ways to enhance flavor profiles, nutritional content, and overall consumer satisfaction.

With every reformulation, we are not just raising the bar; we are rewriting the standards of what snacks can and should be. Your unwavering support, feedback, and trust in our brand inspire us to persist in this pursuit of greatness. We are deeply grateful for your role in our journey, and we look forward to continually surprising and delighting your taste buds with our ever-evolving, exceptional creations.

You eat, We Donate. 

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