Why "High Protein" Snacks may be Hindering your Progress

Why "High Protein" Snacks may be Hindering your Progress

Oct 17, 2023

In the pursuit of fitness and a healthier lifestyle, high-protein snacks have garnered a reputation as a go-to choice for those looking to support their goals. After all, protein is often hailed as the king of nutrients, playing a crucial role in muscle building, satiety, and overall well-being. However, as with any trend, it's essential to look beyond the surface. As a protein snack manufacturer ourselves, we take pride in ensuring we're not only bringing out the best snacks in the industry, but also educating as well! So the question stands, are these seemingly nutritious snacks truly propelling you forward on your journey, or could they be unknowingly sabotaging your progress?

In this blog, we'll dive into the intriguing world of high-protein snacks both in local stores and supplements stores and explore the nuanced aspects that may be working against your fitness and wellness objectives. 

Is it really "High Protein"?

When it comes down to noting whether or not a snack is high protein, you truly have to look at the overall macronutrients in the food. This is crucial because if the food is made up from an abundance of carbohydrates and fats and all you're getting is trace proteins, it isn't a very good source of protein as its incomplete! Ensuring that the protein in the snacks are from absorbable sources i.e whey concentrate, whey isolate, soy protein etc. is essential for muscle building purposes!

It seems like the trend at the moment is anything over "10g" of protein counts as high protein. This is extremely relative to how big or small the product is as well. For example, a 100g bar that has 10g of protein is not a lot at all. However, a 30g bar with 10g of protein is decent. So looking at the overall profile of the snack is imperative!

Calories in vs Calories out

As a law, we know that in order to gain weight - we need to consume more than what we expend and vice versa, in order to lose weight we need to eat less than what we expend. For the most part, protein snacks come with the intention of tasting good. However, this may also come at the cost of extra fats and carbohydrates. While fats and carbohydrates aren't bad, it's still important to note the caloric intake that comes with them and if they aren't suitable to your goals, you may have to think twice about buying that snack!

The After Effect

Something that isn't spoken about often on the topic of protein snacks, is the effect on your appetite AFTER consuming these snacks. Does the product satisfy you or does it leave you wanting more sweets? Protein snacks are a great way of consuming a guilt-free snack that tastes good and has protein. However, dependent on your personality it could potentially leave you wanting more. It's imperative to consider the type of person you are and think of ways it will benefit you. Whether it's keeping a certain number of snacks on hand or hiding them so you don't eat them all - do which one benefits you the most!

While high-protein snacks offer convenience and taste, it's crucial not to take them at face value. At EQ, we've crafted a diverse product range to suit various fitness goals, offering choices in calories, tastes, and ingredients. By making informed selections and exploring alternatives, you can truly enjoy high-protein snacks to enhance your progress and overall well-being. Every individuals journey is unique, and EQ is here to help!

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