EQ Rotating Flavor is back!! Offering a diverse selection of tastes!

EQ Rotating Flavor is back!! Offering a diverse selection of tastes!

Oct 27, 2023Jamie Harris

Step into the vibrant world of flavours with EQ, where every cookie tells a story of indulgence and purpose. We understand that everyone's taste buds are unique, and our mission is to enhance your cookie experience from ordinary to extraordinary. Why settle for a limited selection of flavours when you can explore a vast collection of tastes.

Imagine biting into a warm, chocolate chip cookies, its comforting sweetness melting in your mouth. Alternatively, perhaps you crave the nutty perfection of a decadent peanut butter delight that satisfies your cravings. The options are limitless. At EQ, our constantly rotating selection of cookie flavours ensures that you are never confined to just one or two choices.


Be the Change:

Our mission extends beyond pleasing your taste buds. We invite you to be part of something larger and meaningful. Visit our Instagram page and explore our rotating protein cookie flavours and cast your vote for the ones you'd love to devour. But wait, there's more! Not only do you get to choose the flavours you love, but you also get to make a difference with every calorie you consume.

 Every Calorie Makes a Difference:

With every calorie you savor in our delicious protein cookies, we pledge to provide calories to someone in need. It's more than just nourishing your body; it's about nurturing spirits and spreading kindness. Every bite you take makes a positive impact on the world.


Stay Tuned for More:

Stay tuned for our next rotating cookie flavour reveal and updates on our upcoming creations, until then, keep sharing the love. Get ready to munch, vote, and change lives because at EQ, we believe in making every calorie count.

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