EQ's Lean Collection

EQ's Lean Collection

Oct 12, 2023Charade Nouanrasy

Staying fit and nourishing your body should never feel like a tasteless chore. At EQ, we're firm believers that the most sustainable diet is the one that not only fuels your goals but also delights your taste buds. With this principle in mind, we have a range dedicated for those who plan of indulging in our lean treats.

Our Lean Range is a testament to the idea that healthy eating doesn't have to be bland or boring. We understand that the key to a successful and lasting diet is finding joy in what you consume. That's why we've meticulously crafted each product in this range, ensuring they not only support your fitness goals but also offer a mouthwatering experience you'll look forward to every time.

From our Lean EQ Cookies which redefine what a tasty treat can be, our Low-Calorie Protein Cracker Chips that add a satisfying crunch to your day and our Ready-to-Drink Protein Juices that give you a refreshing low-calorie protein hit! And soon to be on board, crafted to perfection and designed to elevate your snacking game - the Best Protein Bar.

In this blog, we're delving deep into EQ's Lean Range exploring each product and how you can fit them into your everyday diet!

Lean EQ Cookies

One of the original products which have been reformulated many times to reach perfection, our EQ Lean Cookie! Coming in 3 unique flavours - Choc Chunk, White Choc Macadamia and Cookies and Crème, we're sure you'll be able to find one that suits your taste pallet. Infused with 21g of protein this decadent cookie allows you to enjoy a guilt free snack with a nice protein boost to add to your daily intake! Our infamous EQ cookie is trademarked with a big chocolate button in the middle which makes it all that more enjoyable

Low Calorie Protein Cracker Chips

A fairly newly added product to our range, our Low Calorie Protein Cracker Chips comes in 3 different flavours that range in taste. Sour Cream and Chives, Sweet Chilli and our most popular, Honey Soy Chicken. These protein chips yielding 20 grams of protein give you a different angle of our products and instead of pure sweetness, you get to dive into a combination of sweet and savoury to curb both of those cravings. 

RTD Protein Juices

Our most hyped of product as of yet, sold out twice over - our RTD Protein Juices. Available in Berry, Pineapple, Tropical and Orange, these Protein Juices packed with 20 grams of protein have flown off shelves! Created from hydrolyzed bovine collagen and a mix of essential amino-acids to match that of whey protein, our Protein Juice is formulated like no other! 

Best Protein Bar

Not yet released, our Best Protein Bar aims to hit shelves mid October! With a wide range of flavours including Brownie, Strawberry Shortcake, Cookie Dough, Cookies and Crème and Salted Caramel this product is certain to make waves in the fitness industry. Sitting under 200 calories with 22 grams of protein and 22 grams of fibre, this unique macronutrient profile is definitely suited to reach your goals!

Our wide range of products have been built with the consumer in mind. Our goal of making the best tasting and best formulated products never stops! We're always looking to improve and innovate and with our community's help we get to continuously improve our products and our brand. 

You Eat, We Donate.

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