Craving Control: 3 Effective Ways to Curb Late Night Snack-Attacks

Craving Control: 3 Effective Ways to Curb Late Night Snack-Attacks

Sep 05, 2023Charade Nouanrasy

If you’ve never had the fighting urge to stuff your face with new snacks each night, I’d question if you were a real person. We’ve all been there! Late-night cravings can often derail our efforts to maintain a healthy eating routine. Whether it's the result of stress, boredom, or simply a habit, those after-dark urges for snacks can be a challenge to overcome. The good news is that there are practical strategies to help you curb these cravings and stay on track with your health goals. 

In this blog, we'll explore three effective ways to regain control over late-night snacking including low-calorie dense food options, utilization of fruits and convenient EQ Protein snacks that are sure to help curb those cravings all while intaking a great amount of protein!

By incorporating these three strategies into your routine, you can take significant steps toward managing those late-night cravings and maintaining a balanced and mindful approach to your eating habits. Let's dive into each strategy and discover how they can transform your late-evening routine for the better.



Low Calorie Dense foods refer to foods that are NOT high in calories and have the possibility of keeping you satiated (keeping you full). From our experience, low-calorie dense foods can come in a myriad of forms. If we’re looking from a wholefoods standpoint, we’ve got great single ingredient foods such as egg, egg whites and vegetables that are very low in calories, and can certainly be utilized to volumize certain meals. Another option we have due to new innovations is protein yogurts and sugar free jelly. These two foods here, can easily be added into your regime! It’s quick, convenient and high in protein which ticks all the necessary boxes to curb those cravings!


Fruit Salad

A surprisingly underrated tool that individuals tend to stray away from is fruit. Fruit not only holds multiple essential vitamins and minerals, but they’re also extremely versatile. Add it into your breakfast, have it as a snack or even make a nice dessert bowl! Some of the lowest calorie fruits (in no particular order) per 100g include: Watermelon, strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. 



It shouldn’t come as a surprise at EQ, we pride ourselves in being the best tasting protein cookie in Australia! If you haven’t had one yet, we certainly suggest you do! In any case, we stock multiple yummy protein snacks that certainly hit that sweet tooth all while getting in at LEAST 20 grams of protein. There is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have tried it if you haven't already! 

Remember, curbing late-night cravings isn't about depriving yourself, but rather about making smarter choices that align with your goals.



By incorporating low-calorie dense foods into your diet, you'll feel fuller and more satisfied without the guilt of excess calories. Adding a variety of fruits to your evening routine not only satisfies your sweet tooth but also provides essential nutrients your body craves. And with tasty, calorie-smart protein snacks, you'll experience the power of protein's hunger-reducing effects.

As you embark on this journey to conquer late-night cravings, remember that consistency is key. Be patient with yourself and allow these strategies to become habits over time.

You Eat, We Donate.


Curb Late Night Snack Cravings with High Protein Snacks


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