Taste Testing with EQ: August

Taste Testing with EQ: August

Aug 31, 2023Charade Nouanrasy

This August, we were fortunate enough to do multiple taste testing in three various locations, each bringing us along in their each individual celebration. Before we dive into each individual one, we want to extend our gratitude to all of these locations and thank them for allowing us to showcase both our products and our vision. Our first location of the day was Onyx Gym, followed by Camperdown Fitness and last but not least Supplement Wholesalers. 


Onyx Taste testing

Located in Alexandria, Onyx Gym has taken the local area by storm! An absolute pleasure to be invited down to celebrate their 1st Anniversary with the wonderful staff and members.



Camperdown Fitness Taste Testing

A gym that has been established for a very long time! Known for it's premier facilities and well rounded environment is Camperdown Fitness located in Camperdown. A whopping 15 year anniversary for the team here at Camperdown! We were more than grateful to have the ability to share our new RTD Protein Juices as well as our staple cookies to the staff and members, a fantastic turn out!


Supplement Wholesaler Taste Testing

We feel sorry for you if you missed out on this one! An extremely uncommon up to 60% off mega sale with Supplement Wholesalers based out of Guildford. Filled with prizes, crazy discounts and a tasty sausage sizzle it was a great day to say the least. 


Taste Testing

We are always up to do taste testings! Whether it's a special occasion or you'd like us to just come through, we always open to doing so! If you're interested - please flick us a DM on Instagram or email us :)

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