Delectable Twist: 3 Creative ways to cook using our EQ Protein Cookies

Delectable Twist: 3 Creative ways to cook our Protein Cookies

Aug 15, 2023

We all know that the simplest and easiest way to consume our cookies is straight from our packet! However, if you’re someone that thrives off of creativity and change - we have curated 3 super creative ways to cook our cookies to make them taste that little bit more extravagant! These unique techniques will not only showcase your culinary prowess but you’ll also get a wide range of nutrients while doing it!

In this blog, we will delve into 3 different ways to cook and utilise our cookies. Whether it’s for breakfast, snack or dinner, these can be used for all of them! I won’t be listing exact macronutrients but more so instructions on how to create the recipes, so feel free to be creative with it and add/take away ingredients as you please!


Growth EQ Cookie

This one HAS to be my favorite one. Purely because of the contrasting smooth texture of the ice cream and the soft chewiness of each bite. It’s also super easy to make. First of all, grab your blender or nutribullet and fill it halfway with ice (you’ll need enough ice to make it a thick texture). Then add milk of choice (or water) with a scoop of your favorite protein powder. After that, put in about 2-4g of xanthan gum to really thicken this mix up and blend it for about a minute. Once that’s all done, grab your favorite flavor of our EQ cookie and break it up into small pieces and mix it into your ice cream blend. Pop this into your freezer for another 1-2 hours and you’ll now have yourself a perfectly textured protein ice cream with a combination of our Lean EQ cookie to satisfy every type of taste bud! 


XL Cookie

We actually have this EXACT recipe on one of our other blogs so if you haven’t already, definitely check that out! In any case, this simple yet creative way to infuse our cookie is absolutely mouth-watering. Simply mix egg whites, banana, oats and a touch of baking powder to make our main blend. After blending, pour half into a small bowl or tray and break half of our LEAN EQ Cookie spread evenly. Follow this step by pouring the rest of your oat blend on top. The final step is to bake or air fry this (I prefer airfrying) and pop the rest of our EQ Cookie to finish it all off. The rest is history, and you’ll be more than just satisfied… you’ll be mesmerized.



Lean EQ Cookie

Okay, I know I mentioned creative ways but you really do need to try this method. This low-effort efficient way to cook our cookies almost makes it as if it was fresh out of the oven. The chocolate bits oozing out of the crispy yet buttery-soft cookie. You literally cannot go wrong! We do recommend only air-frying for a short time as it can open up the cookie. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but our ultimate goal is to reach peak crispiness with a touch of melted goodness!


With our cookies, you have a choice of three different flavours! This will give you the opportunity to try different recipes with different additions. Be creative and don't forget to tag us when you order! 

You Eat, We Donate.

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