Do Protein Cookies Make you Fat?

Do Protein Cookies Make You Fat?

Aug 16, 2023Charade Nouanrasy

As someone who has been in the supplement and fitness industry for a while, I have heard “I won’t eat ____, because that makes you fat!”, more times than I’d like to admit. Cookies have certainly received a bad wrap and demonized for being “unhealthy”. Especially Protein Cookies, since protein and cookies were never really made to be in the same sentence... While there is still a grain of truth here, it isn’t solely the cookies that can make you gain fat. 

So what is it?

What do we need to look out for? 

Can we still enjoy cookies? 

Before we dive into the important topics, the short answer is NO. Protein Cookies do not make you fat - BUT protein cookies, just like any other food, can contribute to making you gain fat. If you’re still confused, we are here to explain everything that needs explaining in the simplest yet most effective way. 



The law of what now?... Yes, thermodynamics. For a big word, it is very simple to understand. The laws of thermodynamics play a significant role in understanding fitness and body weight changes. This law implies that to lose weight, you need to create a caloric deficit – expending more energy (through exercise and daily activities) than you consume through food. Conversely, to gain weight (muscle or fat), you need to create a caloric surplus – consuming more energy than you expend. 

To put it simply, a protein cookie, just like a slice of toast or a piece of meat is made up of energy, also known as kilojoules (kj). You can look at the nutritional label of any food and you will be able to see this metric. If you consume more total kilojoules than your body burns, you will gain weight. If for example, you are not resistance training and eating very low protein, your body composition will be drastically different consuming the same amount of kilojoules but you are resistance training and eating high protein. This is why exercise is crucial for everyone! That topic alone can be its own blog so I won’t get too much into it. 


Cookie Manufacturing at EQ

Even though we now have sound understanding of energy balance, it is still very very important to understand the composition of these cookies. Much like protein powders and pre-workouts, not all protein cookies are made the same. Here at EQ, our products are made by food scientists ensuring we produce the best tasting, yet effective products possible. For example, our XL cookie - designed for those that need food is made up of a concoction of whey proteins, flour, egg powders and much more. We’re also very considerate when it comes to calories! That’s why we have curated a Lean Cookie - 300+ calories, Growth Cookie - 500+ calories and our XL Cookie - yielding over 1000 calories. Each of these having their own suitability to any individual. 

We do want to ensure that even though our cookies are formed with delicacy and thought, these should not be consumed as a sole reliance for your daily nutrition. Your daily nutrition should be made up of a range of different wholefoods to ensure we’re getting an adequate amount of all essential amino acids.


Yes, of course you can! We made this cookie as a way to consume over 20 grams of protein without the feeling of guilt taking over. We guarantee that EQ will be the best protein cookie you have ever tasted! You can get yours now through our website and save 30% when you subscribe!

You eat, We donate. 

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