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How ONE Box of EQ Cookies feeds a Whole Family

Sep 20, 2023Charade Nouanrasy

Here at EQ, the mission of our brand is to solve world hunger, one calorie at a time. One of our most notorious products on our catalog is our 1000 calorie XL cookie. While the product has been extremely useful for active gym-goers looking to put on mass - the forefront of our brand is to feed those who are hungry, to provide them the necessary nutrients they need. We believe that everyone has the right to nourish their body. That’s why we created this carefully articulated product which includes a wide range of macronutrients spread out to adequately feed the body. We understand that our cookies are not to be consumed as a sole purpose of nutrition so that is why we donate in multiple different forms. 

1000 calorie cookie

So what if I told you that if you bought 1 box of EQ cookies, you could feed a whole family of 4? Let’s assume that the daily caloric needs for 2 adults are 6,000 calories and that there are two children needing a total of 3,000. With this assumption, one box of EQ cookies contains 12,000 calories which means that JUST ONE box has the ability to feed a whole family. Now, does this mean all we do is send out our own products for families to be fed? No! 

It's important to note that while the cookies can provide the necessary calories, they may not meet all the nutritional requirements for a balanced diet. That’s why we donate in different forms! While your purchase of 12,000 calories are the cookies, we donate the 12,000 calories in the form of our own product, collaborating with charities such as SWAG Family, CUDL and food buffet and with our newest introduction of our donation form, it allows us to ensure the right people are getting these calories! 

While 1 box of EQ Cookies ‘technically’ feeds a whole family, it isn’t the cookies itself. It is our model of “you eat, we donate” that makes this possible. Without you and our community, we would be one step further away from our mission. 

We are changing the world, one calorie at a time. 

How one box of EQ Cookies feed a whole family

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