Not just "Juice flavoured Protein" - EQ Protein Juice

Not just "Juice flavoured Protein" - EQ Protein Juice

Sep 19, 2023Charade Nouanrasy

First of all, we’d love to take the time to thank everyone’s support over the last month with our new Juice Collection release! With our most anticipated and overwhelming launch of our RTD Protein Juice selling out twice over, it has been a crazy ride within the last couple of weeks. While we cannot appreciate the support enough, we also cannot ignore the speculation of our formula! How can it taste so good? It’s only collagen protein, why would I want this? It’s no better than xyz? 

To answer these questions, we’ve decided to make a quick little blog explaining our process of our ground-breaking innovation, that is the RTD Protein Juice. 

Not just Collagen Protein!

Essential Amino Acids

From the very beginning, we saw a gap in the supplement industry. Having food scientists work in-house, carefully manipulating particular formulas and tweaking certain aspects has given us the ability to create something that no company has created previously. We understand that protein comes in many forms and not all protein is used for “muscle-building”. 

Collagen Protein is a great protein useful for bone, joint, skin, gut and hair health which is why there is a plethora of brands releasing collagen protein. At EQ, we wholeheartedly agree that Collagen Protein is a great protein, however - we wanted to make it even better! In our RTD Protein Juice, we’ve not only created a Hydrolysed Bovine Collagen Protein blend that tastes beyond amazing, but we’ve added in the Essential Amino-Acids necessary to match the amino-acid profile of Whey Protein. 

Whey protein being one of the most bioavailable proteins there is! This means that in our products, you’ll be consuming a complete protein to ensure it’s ticking all the boxes to ensure we’re getting the best results. The best thing about it? It’s quick, easy AND cost-effective. 


We use Real Fruit!

Our processing method of our Protein Juice is one like no other. While it’s extremely easy to create flavoring with little to no nutritional value we always want to go that extra step! Our process used is something called atomisation. In this case, during the cold filtration process, the ingredients are spun at speeds beyond measure to separate all the atoms thus separating the flavor, vitamins and minerals, sugars etc. This unique process is how we’re able to create such a fantastic tasting, yet calorie efficient product!



With every product we make, we want to ensure it’s perfect. That’s why each time we release a product, your feedback is essential to us. Since our initial releases of both the Low Calorie Protein Crackers and Protein Juice, we’ve recently reformulated them to make them THAT much better. If you haven’t tried them already, now is your chance! Build your bundle and grab them both, you won’t be disappointed!

Not just Juice Flavoured Protein

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