How we went from donating 1,000,000 a month to 5,000,000 a week

How we went from donating 1,000,000 a month to 5,000,000 a week

Sep 26, 2023Charade Nouanrasy

The journey of EQ is nothing short of inspiring. From starting in a little factory and growing our way to donating 1,000,000 calories a month as a ‘great month’, we grew rapidly. Today, we stand proudly at the forefront, donating upwards of an astonishing 4,500,000 calories every single week. But our story isn't just about numbers; it's a testament to our unwavering dedication to both innovation and the values that define us.

As we expanded our horizons, we didn't stop at just donating more of the same. We embarked on a mission to create products that could nourish bodies while resonating with our commitment to making a positive impact. With the introduction of new ground-breaking products such as Protein Crackers, Protein Juices and much more. These new additions to our repertoire symbolize our continuous pursuit of finding inventive ways to support those in need.

Our foundation has always been built on community, compassion, and the belief that food can be a force for good. It's these very principles that have not only guided us but also brought our community together in an incredible way. In this short blog, we’re going to revisit how we went from donating 1,000,000 calories a MONTH to just under 4 million in just a week. 

Our Products

Unlike many other companies that want to bring out a ‘perfect’ product. Here at EQ, we bring out products and alter on the way! That way, we actually take feedback from our customers and community, and we can then change it accordingly. Not only that, but it also ensures and shows to our esteemed wholesalers that our cookies, chips and juices are made FRESH! For example, our RTD Protein Juices sold out, we took the feedback and applied it and released it again within the month! 



Our Community

We always emphasize community as it is our main forefront of our brand. But whenever we get the chance, we want to thank you. Because without you and your support, we wouldn’t see this much growth! It's the stories of families and individuals whose lives have been touched by our donations that inspire us to do more, to innovate, and to find creative ways to make a difference. Our community's trust in us has allowed us to take bold steps forward, and their belief in our values has anchored us when we faced challenges.


Our Wholesalers

Our Wholesalers have played an imperative part for EQ as a brand. From small independently owned stores to supplement giants, the overall support has compounded over time to bring us to where we are today.

Taste Testings

As we continue to embark on this journey, it is important to know that we are just getting started! We have plans to release more products that will soon disrupt the industry and directly make an impact on our mission. 

You eat, we donate.

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