From "Houso" to feeding 100s of people in need

From "Houso" to feeding 100s of people in need

Sep 27, 2023Charade Nouanrasy

Ethan Jackson's remarkable journey began in humble beginnings, growing up in a housing commission with hard working parents who did everything they could to provide for their family. While working full-time as a traffic controller, Ethan's spare moments were dedicated to delving into the fascinating world of food science. Fast forward a few years, and his passion for food and dedication to fitness have transformed him into an individual capable of nourishing hundreds of individuals and families through his brand EQ.

In this small blog, get the answers straight from CEO Ethan Jackson himself.

For every calorie purchased, EQ donates that calorie in the form of its own product, purchasing baked goods and partnering with charitable companies such as Food Buffet, Swag Family, CUDL every Sunday at Martin Place, Sydney. 

In his own words: 

“EQ was built because we’ve built a product that the world is not ready for. It correlates to calories and hunger. I started with the homeless section first because they have the double hit of life. They’re not only suffering from not having a home, but they’re also hungry” 

Since establishment 11 months ago, EQ has grown rapidly and expanded into over 500+ locations (tracked) and another estimated 300-400 through distribution within Australia, with hopes to further expand internationally with other countries joining already stocked New Caledonia.

Ethan mentions that his parents supplied what they could and put food on the table. But growing up he wanted different things other than “vegemite and bread”. A story that he spoke about was the fact that his father would take him to Aldi and they would buy lollies. Ethan would then resell them to kids at school so he could use that money to buy a chicken burger that he wanted.

“I didn’t know that I was an ‘entrepreneur’ I literally was just trying to eat and I was tired of vegemite and bread. I never felt like I was desperate. what kept me going was the uncertainty, it wasn’t the fact I was “suffering” it was almost the curiosity of “Can I get that? How do I get that?””


An interesting take from Ethan is that he mentions that he doesn’t actually stop to really think about the amount of families he has provided for. 

“All these things I’ve done, I said I would do and so I don’t really stop to think about it. I personally feel like if I stop and smell the roses, my garden will die”

This is only the beginning for EQ. Over the next 18 months, Ethan and his team are working tirelessly to bring something that will disrupt the industry.

You eat, We Donate.


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