Training vs. Nutrition: Can you out train a bad diet?

Training vs. Nutrition: Can you out train a bad diet?

Sep 14, 2023Charade Nouanrasy

Training versus nutrition, which one tops the other? Is there even an answer? It's a question that has confounded athletes, trainers, and health enthusiasts alike, and the answer, it seems, is anything but straightforward. Some argue that rigorous training regimens are the linchpin to success, sculpting our bodies into paragons of strength and agility. Others contend that nutrition is the true foundation, claiming that "you are what you eat" and that no amount of exercise can compensate for a poor diet.

As we delve into this age-old conundrum, we'll explore the intricate relationship between training and nutrition, dissecting their roles in achieving our fitness goals. Are they mutually exclusive, or do they share an inseparable bond? In this blog, we will unravel the complexities of this fascinating debate, seeking to uncover which factor truly reigns supreme in the quest for a healthier, fitter, and more vibrant life.

First of all, we need to dive into what it actually means when we say “bad diet”. Does that mean it’s an occasional outing of restaurant food, greasy food every single day, or the fact that we may not be eating at all? The forefront of our answer should be a question we ask ourselves. 

Are you fueling your body the necessary nutrients it needs in order to perform?

Using this question, we can actually keep a much more open mind about what foods we are consuming. Note that I didn’t say perform optimally, I just mentioned ‘perform’. We know that for the most part, we’re all human! We tend to enjoy foods that aren’t necessarily the “healthiest”. Whether that be sugary donuts or deep-fried anything! It tastes fantastic, and we have no reason to feel bad about it. 

Our main focus should be about muscle wastage! We know that when we put ourselves through strenuous exercise, we’re burning energy. Energy comes in the form of kilojoules which is in everything we eat. Let’s say, we train extremely hard, but we aren’t consuming enough food for the body to function, that’s when it becomes a large issue. Because at that point, there’s no purpose of exercising or training. Feeding our body with the necessary nutrients is not only essential for building muscle but normal bodily function including something as simple as digestion!

Now back to the question, can you out train a bad diet? The question posed can be an extremely hard one to answer, and as we mentioned in the introduction - there really isn’t a straightforward answer. We know that no matter how hard you train, something that needs to be considered is how hard can you push yourself while feeding yourself with sub-par nutrients and if you were to feed yourself with better nutrients, does that mean you can train harder and more efficiently? There is so much nuance when it comes to fitness and nutrition so our best advice is to always seek advice from a professional that understands your personal preference and needs!

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We hope that this short article allows you to understand a little bit more about this topic. We know that fitness and nutrition come hand in hand and there is so much to be taken into consideration before knowing an exact answer! It can sometimes be difficult to fit in certain nutrients due to many factors including time, cost, facilities and much more. That’s why we’ve made it easy at EQ and have formulated fortified protein snacks to efficiently get in adequate nutrients - guilt-free! With our ever-growing range of products, we are sure you’d be able to find some that suits your desires!


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